Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park City to Midway

I finished working in Park City and decided to go over the pass to Heber, I found a few caches a long the way of course!

P.C. Cache Run - Cache # 2 took a while to spot, being a micro hanging in a tree in the woods.

Anniversary 18 was a nice easy one, it was cold up there at 9,000ft elevation though.

Samba's Cache surprised me with it not being hidden, just sitting there in plain sight.

Wasatch Mountain State Park: Pine Creek was like all the caches hidden by the Utah State Parks, easy and full of free stuff, I took a pen and waved at the ladies in the building who watched me like I was a weirdo.

Troop 216 Raven's Nest was the last find of the night, up on Memorial Hill in Midway, the road winds up it and I found it funny that to get from the bottom to the top it was over a mile of driving, when it is less than a tenth of a mile if you hiked straight up.

Monday, August 30, 2010

PeanutsParents' Power Trail

I went out with Brian(PeanutsParents) and Dick(firennice) and hid a couple hundred caches, all a tenth of a mile apart in a big "power trail." We also found the caches that were along the way, the cache I hadn't found were :

Red Nose Express

Yellow Ribbon #9

Yellow Ribbon #8

Diamond Fork DNA

Yellow Ribbon #10

Yellow Ribbon #12

Lucky Lucky White

Yellow Ribbon #11


UVCA August: Picnic in the Park

Another great UVCA Event, UVCA August: Picnic in the Park. It was great to visit and eat with everyone and then cache a little with Dick after.

Historic Homes Tour of Provo

I did Dick's WhereIgo cache, Historic Homes Tour of Provo. I enjoyed it, I really like historic homes, I was supposed to go with a few friends but I was late and I didn't want to miss out on the history so I did it alone. Lots of great homes to look at and read about and I got to try out my new phone with it too!

I did run into Jay, Jonathan and the Mortys at Code 25 #1.

Grandpa Hansen Cache

I found Grandpa Hansen Cache in someone's front yard in Spanish Fork, I really like caches in people's yards, they seem safe from being stolen, at least safer, a lot of people dislike them because they are worried about getting in trouble if they go in the wrong yard or something, but I have always had the opinion that people are generally good and nice, like when I get asked by cops what I'm doing when I'm caching, I just tell them what I'm doing and its all fine... so why would I get scared if a cop pulls up? just me ranting...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

International Space Station Event

I went to the International Space Station Event, it was pretty cool to watch the Space Station fly over and nice to hang out with some good friends while doing so!

More Heber Caching

I found several around the Heber City area, starting with Gone Fishin', it was on a mailbox that looked like a giant fish.

I stopped by Wasatch to Star Wars - Endor Forest, excited to get another of Brian's caches, it was up Daniels Canyon and in a really cool hole in a tree.

Another of Brian's caches I found was Wasatch to Star Wars - Dexter's Diner, it was in the parking lot of a local restaurant, I always enjoy a nice and quick cache hidden under the skirt of a light pole!

They put a new cache in their new yard, I got that one too. I really like caches at people's homes. They are "safer" and a lot of fun to find. They got creative and put it in a red "milk bucket." Toys & Stuff 2.

Since I was at their home, I picked up Brian and Stacey to go find a few. We went to Yellow Ribbon #24 and were the first to find it.

Also found Royal Coachman...

The last cache was yet another of Brian's, Wasatch to Star Wars - Wanna Buy Some Death Sticks. The coordinates were off, but lucky for me I had him with me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hovel Hike

I hiked the Loafer Mtn Trail again with Jay and Patti, we went for a FTF on Hovel but we ewre beat by a few minutes.

It got dark and we continued down to Drenched, Roots and Rocks and Bennie's Overlook.

I really like that trail and hope to go back and explore more of the area that I went through in the dark.


I was in the area getting a new phone and celebrating me having my first smart phone with my friend Dick so we went across the street and found this new cache, Jaxie. Loralee had told me about the restaurant, and now put a cache there, turns out the food is really good!

Wardsworth Hike

A nice hike up Wardsworth Canyon with Patti, Jay and Dick. I got 2 finds and several hides. I had never been up the trail here and really enjoyed it, there were a few bikers and hikers tonight.

We found the cache The fishing hole, Jay made sure to point out that he had been the first to find it years ago wink.

We also found Chuckwow, it was across the creek and up a steep hill so we of course turned it into an adventure, we're good at that!