Thursday, February 17, 2011

Utah's Favorite Caches

Utah's Favorite Caches (sorted by percent, only counted if over 19% and has 20+ logs)

63% Traditional Cache Phipps Arch by Roswell'48 and Hippie (GCFF63)
50% Traditional Cache Black Water Lagoon by Fishrmn, and VEPR 223 (GCFD4)
40% Traditional Cache It's All Monkey Business To Me! by Ho'okele (GC28XWA)
40% Unknown Cache Word Play by lesdubois (GC1M71Z)
40% Multi-cache Circus Performer by ManTracker (GCHPWQ)
39% Traditional Cache HOLLOW TREE by ruger44 (GCPY97)
38% Unknown Cache Stations of the Cross by lesdubois (GC1BZZE)
38% Traditional Cache Mine Your Own Business by Bearclaw & Easy (GC8B09)
36% Multi-cache Daly Canyon Night Cache by uintahiker (GC10YMF)
35% Unknown Cache Zombieland by Ho'okele (GC25GBC)
33% Unknown Cache University of Utah Photo Mystery by himilecyclist (GC10TY0)
33% Traditional Cache Big Lizard in My Back Yard!!! by El Jefe! (GC15FVE)
32% Letterbox Hybrid PORTKEY MILE Letterbox Hybrid by Momma Owl (GCWMHQ)
31% Traditional Cache Wreck of the Hesperis by Streight Arrow (GCQ8VR)
31% Traditional Cache The Fortress by ManTracker (GC42A7)
31% Multi-cache What if.... by wheezer & Rockbiter (GCKGC9)
31% Traditional Cache Maple Mountain High by Eurastus (GC8106)
30% Unknown Cache Pooling our Resources by DJ&Jules (GC1C5JB)
29% Unknown Cache Ogden Geo-Clue by Ned (GC1B0MQ)
29% Multi-cache C.S.I. -Cedar City (Alien Abduction) by Zer0
29% Multi-cache Second Star to the Right by Musketeers Minus One (GC5E77)
29% Traditional Cache Dance Hall Rock by Royal Star (GC1HKY6)
29% Traditional Cache Morning Shade by MOCKBA (GCG6ZK)
29% Traditional Cache EAGLES VIEW by imapackrat
29% Traditional Cache Peak-A-Boo: Signal Peak by WeatherGuy
29% Multi-cache Return of the Dark Star by MOCKBA
29% Traditional Cache Peak-A-Boo: Lewis by WeatherGuy
29% Traditional Cache Beaver Springs by Randy and Walter (GC7C)
28% Traditional Cache Galileo 400 by lesdubois and son (GC1TYC9)
28% Traditional Cache Swallow Rocks: WF-100 Mile 35 by Scubadog
27% Traditional Cache Grid Walk by Baad Daata (GC1HA2D)
27% Traditional Cache Mesa's Edge #11--Little Creek West Overlook by Coach Steve (GC1A5R2)
26% Traditional Cache Nice Place for a Crappy Cache by Dorkteam6 (GC164TG)
26% Multi-cache Bud, Weis & Er by GR8GPN (GCW2TF)
26% Traditional Cache The Wickiup by DeViDe (GCG60X)
25% Unknown Cache Sugarhouse Crossword by himilecyclist (GC1CKME)
25% Traditional Cache Kings Peak Utah by HawkesNest (GCXMTY)
25% Virtual Cache Canyoneering Cache -Pine Creek Canyon by Jumar (GCHFFT)
25% Unknown Cache Suspended between benchmarks by MOCKBA (GCGZP1)
25% Traditional Cache Zion Panorama Stash by garywil (GC35F)
24% Traditional Cache Fat Man's Misery by Heidi, Jared, Autin (GCFE7E)
24% Traditional Cache One in a Hundred by Three C's (GCPW66)
24% Multi-cache Roy Travel Bug Bed & Bath Hostel by ValnMal (GC28AA8)
24% Unknown Cache Norman is a misunderstood boy by Mrs. Bates (GC131ME)
24% Traditional Cache Peak-A-Boo: Deseret Peak by Stockley_true
24% Unknown Cache Pioneers Weren't Whiners by Baaad Daaata (GC1G3RG)
24% Traditional Cache Prince of Wales by MOCKBA (GCJZEH)
23% Traditional Cache Westminster by himilecyclist (GC1Y60D)
23% Unknown Cache EYE'S OF A UTAH GEOCACHER by MomtheCook & cashnhubby (GC1FAM4)
23% Traditional Cache A Spiders View of Moab by conrenae (GCMHMY)
22% Traditional Cache aqua-gone by edge (GC39F)
22% Unknown Cache Harvard/Yale Photo Mystery 1 by himilecyclist (GCYFV0)
22% Traditional Cache Eagle's Nest Cache by teammuggleslayer (GCH6KX)
21% Unknown Cache Orrin's Secret Gold - UJ2K by MOCKBA (GCQY58)
20% Unknown Cache Our 100th geocache - WAREHOUSE by Mom the Cook & cashnhubby (GC1D4D4
20% Virtual Cache Kodachrome by Baldin' Eagle (GCH3KT)
20% Traditional Cache The Albino Miner by wadazi
20% Traditional Cache Amos' Rest by ZeeHowes (GC1325)

Some that would have made it but only had 10-19 logs....

Unknown Cache Pining for Evergreens by MOCKBA (GCJVJY) had 78%, but I had decided to only use caches with 20+ logs and it has 15.

Unknown Cache Brave Mountaineers by himilecyclist (GC260CZ) had 75% with 10 logs.

Multi-cache Liar's Multi by Baad Daata (GC1M451) had 60% with 12 logs.

Traditional Cache Crown of Thor's Throne by BigBennyHikes (GC1CB2E) had 57% with 12 logs.

Unknown Cache The Secret Patio by roadstr (GCQ5ED) had 57% with 11 logs.

Traditional Cache Three Pink Peaks by Dodger44 (GC101RC) had 56% with 16 logs.

Traditional Cache Prunus by prunus (GCT05H) had 56% with 12 logs.

Unknown Cache One Cache To Rule Them All - Middle Earth Cache by firennice (GC1EQK7) had 55% with 15 logs.

Traditional Cache Heughs Canyon Upper Falls by MOCKBA (GCG3AX) had 50% with 19 logs.

Traditional Cache Notch Peak Cache by Cal had 50% with 16 logs.

Traditional Cache 11 Grand by Flying_Pie946LJ (GC1VJ0T) had 50% with 11 logs.

Earthcache Diamond Fork Hot Pots by Princess Daisies (GC2D2RF) had 50% with 10 logs.

Multi-cache Wasatch Workout - Mystery Mountain Multi by himilecyclist (GC12NVV) had 45% with 15 logs.

Multi-cache Revenge of the Dark Star by MOCKBA (GCYQNY) had 44% with 16 logs.

Unknown Cache Quizzing USU - a Photo Mystery (MHM2-1) by MountainHobbit (GC1CEDP) had 44% with 12 logs.

Unknown Cache Hi, Mile Cyclist! by lesdubois (GC28AEF) had 43% with 18 logs.

Traditional Cache Mesa's Edge #10--Little Creek North Overlook by Coach Steve (GC1A5QD) had 40% with 15 logs.

Unknown Cache Above U All by himilecyclist (GC26RBQ) had 40% with 14 logs.

Traditional Cache Tweedle Dee by DapperDanMan (GCG84X) had 40% with 14 logs.

Traditional Cache Short Walk for a Mule by Dick & Song Bug (GCQ5EJ) had 40% with 10 logs.

Traditional Cache The Hourglass by KLondyke & Yiners (GCMQE2) had 36% with 18 logs.

Traditional Cache A Mile Up Mill Hollow by MountainHobbit (GCYGC8) 36% with 15 logs.

Unknown Cache Conway by lesdubois (GC139X0) had 36% with 14 logs.

Wherigo Cache Historic Homes Tour of Provo by firennice (GC2DWW5) had 33% with 17 logs.

Traditional Cache Just Around The Corner by Dick & Song Bug (GCW2N4) had 33% with 16 logs.

Unknown Cache City Of Books by himilecyclist (GC1YMPA) had 33% with 15 logs.

Unknown Cache The Chain of Death by Big_E! (GC1N9T5) had 33% with 12 logs.

Traditional Cache Pugs and Kisses by Ho'okele , Pfeifferhorn, & himilecyclist (GC2M708) had 31% with 14 logs.

Unknown Cache Order of the Arrow by lyonden_ut (GC2KZNC) had 31% with 13 logs.

Traditional Cache Plain Old Geocache by AD0OR (GC12BHZ) had 29% with 18 logs.

Traditional Cache Love is in the Air by lovereddesert (GC2MKX3) had 29% with 15 logs.