Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cache Containers

I used to buy nicer cache containers, but this year has been harder with money so I decided I wasn't going to buy any... instead I've collected any watertight containers I can get my hands on... Here is what I'm working on tonight :

I'll put duct tape on them and paint them and make them look a little less like garbage and a little more like geocaches and it didn't cost me hardly anything.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Galileo 400 & Westminster

Kristie and I picked up The Great Mandeenee for a little caching in Salt Lake, we stopped by the end of an event (GSAK 101) and then went to find a couple of caches that I've been hearing are "must-do's" that I never got around to previously.

Westminster was really cool, I saw DillyPickles mention it on facebook as one of their favorites, so I was curious and decided we better check it out. It was really cool, we found a button with a key attached to it and instructions to go about 250' north and push the button... we did and we found out that it was a wireless doorbell, we were greeted by a doorbell ringing and found the cache that needed to be unlocked with the key we brought.

Galileo 400 was also really cool, the owner had emailed me when it was published saying I should go check it out and I kept saying "next time" for about a year and a half... we took the cap off a fence post, reached down and found a little PVC pipe, after pulling it about six feet up we found it was attached to a thicker pipe, six more feet and another, thicker pipe... it was quite the long cache container by the time we were done!