Thursday, September 15, 2011


Its been a long, long time since I've posted on my geocaching blog. I want to shape up and get with it again.

Pictured here is a cache I really liked that we found down towards Moab. I liked it because I have a love for benchmarks, all kinds really. Even the common ROW (Right of way) markers spaced out along every highway. This cache was hidden inside one of them, maybe not awesome to anyone else, but it was one of my favorite finds.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Utah's Favorite Caches

Utah's Favorite Caches (sorted by percent, only counted if over 19% and has 20+ logs)

63% Traditional Cache Phipps Arch by Roswell'48 and Hippie (GCFF63)
50% Traditional Cache Black Water Lagoon by Fishrmn, and VEPR 223 (GCFD4)
40% Traditional Cache It's All Monkey Business To Me! by Ho'okele (GC28XWA)
40% Unknown Cache Word Play by lesdubois (GC1M71Z)
40% Multi-cache Circus Performer by ManTracker (GCHPWQ)
39% Traditional Cache HOLLOW TREE by ruger44 (GCPY97)
38% Unknown Cache Stations of the Cross by lesdubois (GC1BZZE)
38% Traditional Cache Mine Your Own Business by Bearclaw & Easy (GC8B09)
36% Multi-cache Daly Canyon Night Cache by uintahiker (GC10YMF)
35% Unknown Cache Zombieland by Ho'okele (GC25GBC)
33% Unknown Cache University of Utah Photo Mystery by himilecyclist (GC10TY0)
33% Traditional Cache Big Lizard in My Back Yard!!! by El Jefe! (GC15FVE)
32% Letterbox Hybrid PORTKEY MILE Letterbox Hybrid by Momma Owl (GCWMHQ)
31% Traditional Cache Wreck of the Hesperis by Streight Arrow (GCQ8VR)
31% Traditional Cache The Fortress by ManTracker (GC42A7)
31% Multi-cache What if.... by wheezer & Rockbiter (GCKGC9)
31% Traditional Cache Maple Mountain High by Eurastus (GC8106)
30% Unknown Cache Pooling our Resources by DJ&Jules (GC1C5JB)
29% Unknown Cache Ogden Geo-Clue by Ned (GC1B0MQ)
29% Multi-cache C.S.I. -Cedar City (Alien Abduction) by Zer0
29% Multi-cache Second Star to the Right by Musketeers Minus One (GC5E77)
29% Traditional Cache Dance Hall Rock by Royal Star (GC1HKY6)
29% Traditional Cache Morning Shade by MOCKBA (GCG6ZK)
29% Traditional Cache EAGLES VIEW by imapackrat
29% Traditional Cache Peak-A-Boo: Signal Peak by WeatherGuy
29% Multi-cache Return of the Dark Star by MOCKBA
29% Traditional Cache Peak-A-Boo: Lewis by WeatherGuy
29% Traditional Cache Beaver Springs by Randy and Walter (GC7C)
28% Traditional Cache Galileo 400 by lesdubois and son (GC1TYC9)
28% Traditional Cache Swallow Rocks: WF-100 Mile 35 by Scubadog
27% Traditional Cache Grid Walk by Baad Daata (GC1HA2D)
27% Traditional Cache Mesa's Edge #11--Little Creek West Overlook by Coach Steve (GC1A5R2)
26% Traditional Cache Nice Place for a Crappy Cache by Dorkteam6 (GC164TG)
26% Multi-cache Bud, Weis & Er by GR8GPN (GCW2TF)
26% Traditional Cache The Wickiup by DeViDe (GCG60X)
25% Unknown Cache Sugarhouse Crossword by himilecyclist (GC1CKME)
25% Traditional Cache Kings Peak Utah by HawkesNest (GCXMTY)
25% Virtual Cache Canyoneering Cache -Pine Creek Canyon by Jumar (GCHFFT)
25% Unknown Cache Suspended between benchmarks by MOCKBA (GCGZP1)
25% Traditional Cache Zion Panorama Stash by garywil (GC35F)
24% Traditional Cache Fat Man's Misery by Heidi, Jared, Autin (GCFE7E)
24% Traditional Cache One in a Hundred by Three C's (GCPW66)
24% Multi-cache Roy Travel Bug Bed & Bath Hostel by ValnMal (GC28AA8)
24% Unknown Cache Norman is a misunderstood boy by Mrs. Bates (GC131ME)
24% Traditional Cache Peak-A-Boo: Deseret Peak by Stockley_true
24% Unknown Cache Pioneers Weren't Whiners by Baaad Daaata (GC1G3RG)
24% Traditional Cache Prince of Wales by MOCKBA (GCJZEH)
23% Traditional Cache Westminster by himilecyclist (GC1Y60D)
23% Unknown Cache EYE'S OF A UTAH GEOCACHER by MomtheCook & cashnhubby (GC1FAM4)
23% Traditional Cache A Spiders View of Moab by conrenae (GCMHMY)
22% Traditional Cache aqua-gone by edge (GC39F)
22% Unknown Cache Harvard/Yale Photo Mystery 1 by himilecyclist (GCYFV0)
22% Traditional Cache Eagle's Nest Cache by teammuggleslayer (GCH6KX)
21% Unknown Cache Orrin's Secret Gold - UJ2K by MOCKBA (GCQY58)
20% Unknown Cache Our 100th geocache - WAREHOUSE by Mom the Cook & cashnhubby (GC1D4D4
20% Virtual Cache Kodachrome by Baldin' Eagle (GCH3KT)
20% Traditional Cache The Albino Miner by wadazi
20% Traditional Cache Amos' Rest by ZeeHowes (GC1325)

Some that would have made it but only had 10-19 logs....

Unknown Cache Pining for Evergreens by MOCKBA (GCJVJY) had 78%, but I had decided to only use caches with 20+ logs and it has 15.

Unknown Cache Brave Mountaineers by himilecyclist (GC260CZ) had 75% with 10 logs.

Multi-cache Liar's Multi by Baad Daata (GC1M451) had 60% with 12 logs.

Traditional Cache Crown of Thor's Throne by BigBennyHikes (GC1CB2E) had 57% with 12 logs.

Unknown Cache The Secret Patio by roadstr (GCQ5ED) had 57% with 11 logs.

Traditional Cache Three Pink Peaks by Dodger44 (GC101RC) had 56% with 16 logs.

Traditional Cache Prunus by prunus (GCT05H) had 56% with 12 logs.

Unknown Cache One Cache To Rule Them All - Middle Earth Cache by firennice (GC1EQK7) had 55% with 15 logs.

Traditional Cache Heughs Canyon Upper Falls by MOCKBA (GCG3AX) had 50% with 19 logs.

Traditional Cache Notch Peak Cache by Cal had 50% with 16 logs.

Traditional Cache 11 Grand by Flying_Pie946LJ (GC1VJ0T) had 50% with 11 logs.

Earthcache Diamond Fork Hot Pots by Princess Daisies (GC2D2RF) had 50% with 10 logs.

Multi-cache Wasatch Workout - Mystery Mountain Multi by himilecyclist (GC12NVV) had 45% with 15 logs.

Multi-cache Revenge of the Dark Star by MOCKBA (GCYQNY) had 44% with 16 logs.

Unknown Cache Quizzing USU - a Photo Mystery (MHM2-1) by MountainHobbit (GC1CEDP) had 44% with 12 logs.

Unknown Cache Hi, Mile Cyclist! by lesdubois (GC28AEF) had 43% with 18 logs.

Traditional Cache Mesa's Edge #10--Little Creek North Overlook by Coach Steve (GC1A5QD) had 40% with 15 logs.

Unknown Cache Above U All by himilecyclist (GC26RBQ) had 40% with 14 logs.

Traditional Cache Tweedle Dee by DapperDanMan (GCG84X) had 40% with 14 logs.

Traditional Cache Short Walk for a Mule by Dick & Song Bug (GCQ5EJ) had 40% with 10 logs.

Traditional Cache The Hourglass by KLondyke & Yiners (GCMQE2) had 36% with 18 logs.

Traditional Cache A Mile Up Mill Hollow by MountainHobbit (GCYGC8) 36% with 15 logs.

Unknown Cache Conway by lesdubois (GC139X0) had 36% with 14 logs.

Wherigo Cache Historic Homes Tour of Provo by firennice (GC2DWW5) had 33% with 17 logs.

Traditional Cache Just Around The Corner by Dick & Song Bug (GCW2N4) had 33% with 16 logs.

Unknown Cache City Of Books by himilecyclist (GC1YMPA) had 33% with 15 logs.

Unknown Cache The Chain of Death by Big_E! (GC1N9T5) had 33% with 12 logs.

Traditional Cache Pugs and Kisses by Ho'okele , Pfeifferhorn, & himilecyclist (GC2M708) had 31% with 14 logs.

Unknown Cache Order of the Arrow by lyonden_ut (GC2KZNC) had 31% with 13 logs.

Traditional Cache Plain Old Geocache by AD0OR (GC12BHZ) had 29% with 18 logs.

Traditional Cache Love is in the Air by lovereddesert (GC2MKX3) had 29% with 15 logs.