Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wardsworth Canyon Fall Colors

Kristie and I took her kids up Wardsworth Canyon to find Last of the Mohicans and enjoy the fall colors, it was 1.3 miles one-way and took us an hour to get up and 40 minutes to get down.
We also found Three Little Aliens on the way down in the dark.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UVCA September: Bust Your Melons!

UVCA September: Bust Your Melons! was a fun event in Provo. Here are some photos from it...

Machete Caching!

A little caching adventure with DrJay and poorjack, poorjack had recently purchased a machete and wouldn't dream of caching without it... you never know if you might need it, right?

Any outing with either of them is bound to be a ton of fun, so going with both was great.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How Green Is My Valley?

I was out for a drive with Kristie and her kids and we stopped by a couple caches, I had found them a long time ago but I was trying to think of 'Regular' sized caches. We went to How Green Is My Valley? and Orem Stormwater Cache #2 - Car Car.

Personally I prefer an easy micro cache, no contents to dig through... they can be hidden in better places. But bigger caches are great for kids who want to find a 'treasure.'

I'm happy to find any cache that I can find, it is always entertaining and interesting to see those cachers who freak out and rant about their hatred for something, whether it be micros, puzzles, power trails or one of many other things.... let's just have fun and enjoy what our fellow cachers give us.

FTF Run with supertbone

I usually don't care much if I'm the first to find a cache, but sometimes it is fun to go run after the new ones. I got a call from supertbone asking if I wanted to go get one in Pleasant Grove (It's Electric!) we met there and found it, then there was a new one in American Fork (JCW... Again?) we were greeted by the cache owners waiting there to see who would find their cache first. Then a new one in Lehi! (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God #68) We got that one, and then another in Orem (Television History).
A fun run at night with a good friend.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The good, bad and ugly...

(at Wrath of Kahn)

Some of the not so fun things geocaching has brought me to this week are pictured above, but they are by far outweighed by the good times and good friends.

(taking supertbone to some caches)

Kristie, Stacey and Brian at the final for a really fun night cache, The Forbidden Forest (Night Cache Only) by psorlock (GC2CAWH).

A Strong Wind from the South

A Strong Wind from the South by Toja7 (GC2CW4F), a simple, easy micro out in the country. Can't ask for more than that!

WyFy Road #5 by WyFy (GC2CWHQ)

WyFy Road #6 by WyFy (GC2CWHW)

Under the Hill

(Just a random picture I took in Park City)

I thought Under The Hill by nealvs (GC1WFCG) was in a great spot, both the actual hide and the location, I saw a bunch of wildlife and sat there enjoying the sounds of birds and water for a few minutes.

I stopped to get yet another "Yellow Ribbon" cache, Yellow Ribbon #37 by snownomi (GC2EG3J). Brian (JMA) had been there a few days before me, it is always fun to see a friend's name on the log before mine.

Also found Jen Hogan Memorial by SAMCO (GC29T1Q), lots of bikers in the area as usual.

At Looking for Girl Friday by Sgt Joe Friday (GC2DBVJ) I found the cache even though it was in the midst of many construction workers who were taking down a T.G.I. Friday's Restaurant. I've never been one to be too "shy" to go in and make the find.


I stopped by and found H by coptercaper (GC2F5RF), I'm guessing the owner had not hidden the cache until sometime after it was published on the website because DrJay had tried to find it before me, I was the first to find it and it was in the obvious spot.
That happens sometimes, people don't understand that they need to have the cache in place because the reviewer could publish it any time and people are going to run out and try to find it.

I also found yoU Cee Cee yoU ICU by BradyMars7391 (GC2F5HC), just grabbing a few of the new caches, I don't worry much about being the first to find, but it is fun to find it the same day so I still get credit on DGP.

half barrel of monkeys by badbrad54 (GC2CM34) got published while I was sitting home relaxing before bed, I thought it would be fun to see if I could beat Goblincamper2004 there since I was pretty sure they'd be going after it, they live a lot closer than me so I hurried and through on some clothes and took off, I pulled up while Allison was looking for the cache and we ended up finding it together.
I had archived one of my caches that was too close to this one so that the owner could hide a cache at their home, I have plenty of caches and was happy to.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GPS Internet Scavenger Hunt Game Causes Bomb Scare Evacuation

GPS Internet Scavenger Hunt Game Causes Bomb Scare Evacuation

Monday, September 13, 2010 1:23:35 PM by Angela Kaye Mason

Sep 13 (THAINDIAN NEWS) A Menards store located in a north suburb of Riverwood in Chicago was evacuated on Saturday night during a bomb scare after an online GPS scavenger hunt game led to the precaution.

At around 8:30 pm the Lake County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene of a parking lot at the store to investigate reports of a suspicious package which was left at the 2700 Lake Cook Road location, according to police spokesman Sgt Tim Jonites.

A store employee had noticed a man putting a small package inside of the base of the light pole in the parking lot, and confronted the man. According to a Lake County Sheriff Lieutenant, the man made a comment to the employee that there were more packages in the area, and then drove off in an unidentified car.

This led to the Lake County Sheriff’s Department officers, bomb squad, and the Long Grove Fire Department being called to the scene for a suspected bomb threat. the Menards store and parking lot were evacuated, and no injuries occurred.

The box was discovered to have pieces of paper, and a geotag, which is used to help GPS systems track locations. The geotag was found to be a part of an Internet scavenger hunt called Geocaching, in which players use GPS systems to find these hidden tags and papers. They are then to sign and date the papers. the paper in this particular location dated back to January, according to the lieutenant. There are currently 3,971 hidden geotags in Chicago, according to the Geocaching website.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hike to the "G"

Kristie and I decided to hike to the "G" up above Pleasant Grove, we got six caches total, they were spaced out along the trail. It was a great day for a hike and it was an enjoyable hike.

We found :

No Spill Blood

Just Another Day

Golly "G" Willikers!!

We Close Our Eyes

No One Lives Forever

The 'G' Spot

The 'G' Spot is a really old cache that I've been wanting to get for many years, it was great to finally get up there and get another oldie.

Man Cache

I hiked with Jay to go find Man Cache up a side Canyon off Wardsworth Canyon, I'm really enjoying exploring that area lately.

I also found Bug's Hugs, Jay already had but he was kind enough to let me stop for a minute before we continued down to go eat at Red Robin.


I stopped to get Wolverines! finally, I had archived one of my caches so Jonathan could put this one there, but never really got around to actually finding it until now.

I also found To Grandma's House We Go, another great "house-cache."

Cache'n & Out on Tuesday!

I met up with Jonathan(supertbone) for a little caching in the Draper area, we got Cache'n & Out on Tuesday!

playing in the weeds

Weiner Cache

She's Nuts About Cycling

He's Nuts About Huge Legos

JCWs favorite cache